I am so excited to be starting my new blog “Living from grace”! In it, I hope and pray that you find the peace and comfort you need and also some inspiration to follow your own dreams.

Hopefully, my first post will be up soon, just doing some fine tuning and then I will hit the post button!

For now I would like to leave you with this as it is my hope and prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide my content and words.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Beautifully, and powerfully written Nancy. This is a spark that will start a blazing fire for the Lotd. I pray many others will be freed from the yoke of bondage as you have been, and find the freedom and joy that can only come from loving Jesus. I pray your testimony helps others find healing by reading this, both healing from their own mistakes, and also from the consequences which stem from the mistakes of others. Jesus gives us healing, mercy, and grace.. I’m glad you have found these, and pray many others do too.


    1. That is my prayer too-that others will receive freedom and grow closer to God not despite what has happened in their lives but because of it. Only Jesus can bring beauty out of the ashes. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!
      Have a blessed evening!


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