Bubbles of a different kind….

This week our #livefree prompt is “breaking out of my bubble”. Honestly, I had no clue where to go with this.

I have been living in a bubble my entire life.



Avoiding the unknown

I was driving to a medical appointment a few days ago and took the time to seek God on this topic. God revealed to me that sometimes, no matter how safe it feels, you can’t stop yourself from breaking out of your bubble. God, Elohim, the God who creates, is doing a new thing.  The pressure from within can’t be held back. The Holy Spirit grows so deeply within you that you HAVE to break out. He gave me a few examples of things breaking out of the safety of their bubbles for new and much greater things. All go from nothing spectacular to amazing creations.

A baby growing in the comfort of the womb until it grows so much it HAS to leave that comfort zone and be propelled into the unknown. It has gone from one cell to an incredibly complex creation with amazing potential.

A catapiller gets wound up in a cocoon, at first it’s small and comfortable but as it grows and changes it can’t help but burst forth into the world-forever changed. Not truly knowing its new self but awesome and beautiful.

A bird lays an egg. Inside is a gooey, slimy substance but in a few weeks amazing changes happen. The gooey, slimy substance grows into a bird, even though it’s not fully developed, it has to burst forth from the egg to continue growing. It becomes a beautiful bird.

A seed goes into the ground and bursts forth into a plant. The plant slowly grows and then it has buds that, when the time comes, burst forth into beautiful blossoms.

Sometimes it takes a few weeks and sometimes it takes years for a bubble to burst and for the changes to become apparent. But burst they do and always a new and better thing emerges.

I was born of a sinful nature. I received Christ and became a new creation. I slowly and steadily grow in my relationship with Elohim, my creator. The Holy Spirit in dwells in me, the old me loved safe, loved comfort, loved knowing. The new me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is growing so much so that I am bursting at the seams. My bubble is bursting and instead of being fearful of the unknown, I am trusting my God, who dresses the flowers in the fields and provides for all their needs, to equip me for the things to come. Better things, more beautifully productive things.

Many things have happened recently that confirm its time to move forward, break out of my bubble, trust that God will guide my steps to becoming more.

Imagine the smile that came across my face when I received gift yesterday. This amazing confirmation that God will be with me as I walk forward in faith.


Yeah, Elohom loves me that much!

The time for growing, out of my bubble, has come.








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