Five Minute Friday::Testimony

Five Minute Friday is a 5 minutes of writing, off the top of your head, on the week’s word given by Kate Motaung. At the end of mine look for the link for all the others who join in weekly!! This weeks FMF word is testimony.

Late, once again, for FMF, in fact I have not written on the FMF prompt in a month or two but better late than never!

One thing you do not want to wait too long on sharing is your testimony. In Genesis 50:20 it says:

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.

I could keep my mouth shut, listening to the lies of the enemy that others will judge me by my past, a past the enemy surely would use to try and keep me in the dark to die.


As I share my past-that I was a drug addict, alcoholic, manipulator, among other things others, I share with those who are stuck there today, they hear me and they hear hope because today I am clean, sober, a person who desires peace above all things.

I am saved by the grace of God and others know they too can be.

Instead of me being dead to life others are alive all because I share my testimony!!

Hop on over to the FMF link up here FMF Testimony to read other posts on this weeks prompt!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday::Testimony

  1. Rescue dogs, yeah!

    Y’all inspired a sonnet. Hope you like it.

    When my life had turned to ash,
    and cancer gloated victory,
    when the future looked like trash,
    I learned the best, that faith chose me.
    ‘Twas easy to sink to ark despair,
    give up, curse God, and bleakly die,
    surrender up the will to care,
    but I was under Someone’s eye.
    It takes a bold and agile heart
    to find the meaning in each day;
    I am resilient, for my part,
    but Someone had to lead the way.
    Walking His footsteps, sheltered by His back,
    I am dying, but safe, now, from attack.

    # at FMF this week.


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