Day 5-Who is that other woman?

Here is the next installment of my 31 Days of Writing Prompts Challenge

Who is that other woman? The one who used to live here? I remember her words, watched her steps but honestly I would not recognize her if I saw her today.

She didn’t take money for sex but she did use sex to manipulate men to get what she wanted-attention-drugs-whatever so I guess you could say she was a prostitute.

She was extremely insecure and needed a man to control her because she didn’t trust herself to make choices for herself. This led to many poor choices in the end.

She loved her daughter but was so blinded by her own needs she neglected the needs of her child and failed to protect her. Failed as a mother.

She had so much fear, guilt and shame she used pills, pot and booze to medicate them away. They never did go away.

She was told she was not smart so she didn’t dare to set a goal or strive for more.

She strived to survive and never knew she could not only survive but thrive.

She felt overlooked and insignificant, screamed for attention but did not get what she needed. No matter how loud she cried “What about me?”

She was all these things, and many more, this other woman.

Then Jesus stepped down into her pit, grabbed her by the hand and simply said, “Come with me.”

Now she has a husband who loves and cherishes her, just the way she is, and loves God too. (Ephesians 5:25)

Now she has a heart that gives freely, with no desire for return or recognition. (Acts 20:35)

Now she knows who she is and who she belongs to-she is a child of the one true living God. (Romans 8:16)

Now her guilt and shame have been covered under the blood of Jesus and His grace, mercy and love. (1 Corinthians 6:11)

She holds out hope for reconciliation with her daughter, whom she loves and misses very much, because nothing is impossible with God.(Matthew 19:26)

Now her addiction and craving is for God’s truth because it’s God’s truth that has set her free. (Psalm 118:5)

Now her mind has been renewed and transformed and she knows God created her for a purpose. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

Now she dares to dream, thrive and be all God created her to be before she was even conceived.( Jeremiah 29:11)

Now she is happy serving in the back round so others can lead and shine for God’s glory. (1 Peter 4:10)

How do I know all this about this “other” woman? I know because she is me.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.

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14 thoughts on “Day 5-Who is that other woman?

  1. Oh Nancy! Every time I read your testimony it like I’m reading my own life story! We relate on so many levels, Sister! I’ve been there, done that, and spent 12 long years estranged from one of my children! He was always mommas boy, but he walked out of my life a boy, 17 years old and he walked back through my door 12 years later as a man, 29 years old with my beautiful 8 year old granddaughter whom I had never laid eyes on! I prayed everyday for his return and remember days of feeling like giving up with no hope! Our relationship was restored by our loving Father! There’s no other explanation! It was almost like those 12 years never happened! God is so good! Please never give up hope for your sweet girl! I’m praying for you and for her this evening!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and the hope I received hearing your testimony about your son. My daughter walked away at 29 and will be 40 in December. God is in control and will bring reconciliation in HIS time.. Have a blessed day!!


  2. WOW! I love the transformation God has done in your life. God bless you for your honesty and your post glorifying God. My two daughters have not spoken to me in four years. I have given up all hope. The presents zi sent my granddaughter were returned to me. My daughter has moved with no forwarding address. I should be used to this repeated rejections from my daughter but I’m not. It still breaks my heart. Anyway thank you for your post- it truly touched my heart.

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    1. Terri, Thank you for your kind words. Never give up hope on your daughter and reconciliation. It seems impossible in our eyes but with God ALL things are possible. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. ❤️Nancy


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