Day 7-Nothing stays the same.

Here is the next installment of my Five Minute Free Writes Challenge

Nothing ever stays the same and I am so very grateful! If you read my blog Who is that other woman? I shared how God changed me from quite the worldly woman to one that strives to be more Christlike daily. I fall short but God knows my heart and my heart belongs to him. I am definitely not the same today as I was even yesterday. A work in progress focused on the one who has all power to grow and change me.

I wish I could say that one day I was a worldly mess and the next totally 100% sold out to Jesus but, sadly, I would be lying. It has been a long process. I know I am my own worst enemy, I over think everything and want to know all the details before I will move forward with anything. It’s so paralyzing at times.

One example would be our chickens. We bought and put together our small chicken coop in September of 2016. While I did need to wait for my husband to enclose a pen I delayed getting chickens for TWO years!! That coop sat empty, in the yard, for nearly two years-every time I needed to mow around it I would wonder if we would ever have chickens. What was wrong with me??!!

What was the delay? My over thinking mind! I would research chicken care on the internet, read blogs, compare blogs and get really confused because so many would agree on the basics but disagree on a lot of stuff. Who was right? Would I accidentally kill them trying to care for them? So many questions swirled in my head and no chickens came to fill that empty coop!

Finally in July of 2018 my husband finished preparing a pen, we put the coop inside and we were finally ready for some chickens. At the end of July friends offered us four laying hens and our coop was finally full.

At first I was super nervous. I feared some night creature would get them. I feared they would get out of the pen. On two separate occasions a hen got out of the pen and it was quite comical trying to get it back it. I would go out at night, to close their coop doors, and would walk around the exterior of the pen and ask God to protect our chickens. Slowly I slipped into a routine and got more comfortable caring for them.

In November last year I needed surgery and it required my husband and I to stay over night near the hospital. What was I going to do? Who would care for our girls? SO reluctantly, I started to leave the coop door open and their food and water available to them all the time. Amazingly, they did well, in fact, this change caused less aggression and they were happier with this new development.

Things went well but were not going to stay the same. I saw so many who let their chickens free roam their property. I would wonder-Aren’t they afraid of hawks getting them, roaming in the street, running away….so many questions. So over thinking it again. Chickens eat lots of ticks and other insects and they are happier with more area to roam!

One day I decided to let them out, later in the day, and they loved it. Eventually, I realized they would go back into the coop to lay their eggs so all day free roaming commenced. They have a favorite spot to avoid the heat and take a private “dust” bath.

I have to be honest, this transition has caused a lot of growth on my part, I need to remind myself that God cares for the birds of the air and he loves me even more. He would either protect our girls or, perhaps, he would need one to feed one of his other creatures. It is all good.

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34

As I stop being anxious and over thinking I am so grateful that I am not the same as I was two years ago, two days ago or even this morning. Good thing because those smart chickens of ours have figured out how to wiggle their fat little bodies through the perimeter fence. And you know what? They wiggle back through and find their way to the coop every night!! Amazing!!

They also know my voice and when I go out at night to give them a treat and close their pen they come running to me like sheep do with their shepherd. The good shepherd watches over me and I watch over my chickens!

I’ve heard it say that nothing is as constant as change and I am so grateful nothing stays the same.

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