Day 9-Will you join me?

Here is the next installment of my Five Minute Free Writes Challenge

On day 5 of this challenge I shared a bit about where I was ( Who is that other woman?) and who I am in Christ today all because of God’s grace, mercy in love. Today I will share a bit more of my past and make a request of you. The request is simple…..will you join me?

When I was a teen we lived in an all white community, in fact my entire life until I married and left, we lived in that house and community. Not sure if my parents knew it was built to be that way, my mom’s main concern was that it be within walking distance to the church she wanted to attend. In fact, it was just down the hill from the Episcopal church.

Living in a home where my dad had emotional issues and we children had grown up responsibilities, while my mom worked 2nd shift, I tended to stay by myself and not have any close friends. I didn’t dare invite them over without knowing if my dad was going to be Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde. Our family life was happy on the outside but full of dark secrets on the inside. My mom loved us and did the best she could, I know that today. She is my greatest prayer warrior,

One day a hispanic family moved in down the road from us. I was fascinated. The kids did not appear to speak English and I didn’t speak Spanish. One of the boys started paying attention to me and I started to fantasize about how he would take me away to some exotic place and I would be free and happy. One thing led to another and we had sex. My mystery man disappeared the next day-apparently he was visiting this family and went home. It was right before I was to leave for college.

I went to college and it wasn’t long before morning sickness started. I hid my pregnancy for almost 4 months by hiding behind big clothes and the freshmen 15-the expected weight gain a freshman has in their first year of college. I kept this dark secret to myself. Shame and guilt plagued me. I was not a rebellious child, I did what I was asked at home, this was so out of my norm.

I went to Planned Parenthood where I was told I could “take care of my problem” for $200. Thing is, I felt the baby move, felt him kick, for me it was not an option. I called my sister and made a plan to go live with her and give the baby up for adoption. Then I called my mom. She went along with my plan, no other option was ever discussed and I know now my pregnancy and giving my son up was the catalyst for many poor choices. There isn’t a day that goes by that I wonder what if I had different support, what if there was a ministry like In My Shoes ? Would I have straightened my life out sooner? Would I have kept my baby? I am so grateful that through lots of Bible time, prayer and strong Christian sisters that I have been able to let go of the guilt and shame.

In My Shoes wraps around woman and their babies and gives them the much needed support they need through their pregnancy and up to a year after their baby is born. Some keep their babies and some, ultimately, make the choice I did and bless another family with a longed for child. There is a long waiting list of woman wanting to get the much needed help In My Shoes provides.

I am blessed to be part of the Living Free Together community on Facebook and we just launched our 2019 Fall Together project. We are raising funds to help In My Shoes to be able to offer shelter, counseling, community and all the support a woman needs to live her life to the fullest as she carries her baby and for up to a year after her baby is born. Will you join us? Will you give a woman the chance I never had?

It costs just $17 a day to provide one woman all she needs for a day. The cost of a pizza! Would you consider giving up a pizza so a mama can have her baby with all the support she needs? I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donation and want you to know if you can’t give we appreciate your prayers so much. We launched this project yesterday and God has already shown us He’s got this.

I gave because they are walking In My Shoes. If you would like to give click here In My Shoes.

If you would like to read more blogs in this series click here 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge They are written by my Five Minute Friday friends!

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