Day 13-Just for one.

Here is the next installment of my Five Minute Free Writes Challenge.

What is your reach? How may followers on FB….Twitter…..Instagram??

I have to be honest, I would like my words to reach more and for one day to have a book that will impact many. But my reach is not the driving force behind my writing. In truth, I am writing for one, to reach one.

I write out of obedience to God, He is the one I write for. The truth of my past combined with the truth of His word. His truth has set me free and will set others free.

I write to reach one. Why? Because I was once lost and through God’s grace, mercy and love I have been found. I once needed to hear how another person was lost and was found through God’s grace, mercy and love. I am very grateful that others were obedient to God and shared their stories so I could be set free.

I know, I know, my story is not unique. Others have walked through feeling rejected, unloved, bad choices, guilt, remorse, abuse and being abused. What makes my experiences special are how God met me in the mists of my mess. Some one out there needs to be met in the middle of their mess, just like i was met in my mess and my mess may sound a lot like their mess. If God could turn my mess into a message He can do that for them too. Sharing my mess and message will give one the hope they need just like when others shared their message I gain hope for things I have yet to long for.

He reached from on high, he took me,
    he drew me out of many waters.

He delivered me from my strong enemy,
    and from those who hated me;
    for they were too mighty for me. Psalm 18: 16-17(ESV)

Through the words of others and His words God transformed my life. I strive to reach that one person with my words and His words to let that one person know that there is nothing they have done that God can’t redeem. No sin so bad that God can not cover with the blood of Jesus. No guilt or remorse so deep that God can not heal.

O taste and see that the Lord is good!
    Happy is the man who takes refuge in him! Psalm 34:8(ESV)

My refuge is in Jesus. He left the other 99 to reach the me and I will too.

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