Day 17-Consistent for me.

Here is the next installment of my Five Minute Free Writes Challenge.

A few days ago I shared that I write for one, to reach one and that is true. But I am also writing in this 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes to gain consistency with my writing. To write everyday with out fail. Even when I don’t feel like it. Even if it’s boring and makes sense only to me.

Some of my writing, these last 17 days, has been light and airy, just my thoughts written down and some has been really hard to write. Those posts were not my idea, for sure. Sometimes the word for the day has me staring at the keys for an idea. Other days the word for the next day rolls around my head and I have no idea what to write. This was the case with the word “other” I went to bed, tossed and turned and could not sleep. I got up, sat at my IPad and the words just flowed. Pushing publish, with that one, was an act of obedience.

We all have the list of words, could write in advance and schedule the posts or do like I do, write each day. I thought about pre-writing and scheduling my posts but that would completely sabotage why I am participating in this challenge. To write every day for 31 days on the words provided.

Once I get consistent with act of writing then I will work on the content. Become consistent with a theme. Hone my writing skills and everything that is involved with writing words others will want to read.

For now it’s all about consistency and once in a while the Holy Spirit gives me the words to write and they will reach someone that needs to read them. That is the blessing I have received during this challenge. Half way through and I have stayed consistent.

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