31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge

Truly not sure what I am doing but I do know I need more accountability with my writing so I am joining the fmf writing tribe doing the October 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge. I hope to join in each day-time will tell!

Come on back each day to read each daily blog!

Table of Contents

Day 1 – Why- Why? Why Do I Continue to try to Write?
Day 2 – Gifts-Gifts in the valleys.
Day 3 – Problems- We all have problems
Day 4 – Listen- Do you hear what I hear?
Day 5 – OtherWho is that other woman?
Day 6 – NoticeThe things I notice.
Day 7 – SameNothing stays the same.
Day 8 – GatherWhen we gather.
Day 9 – JoinWill you join me?
Day 10 – Scared-Fear is a liar.
Day 11 – DeepSighs too deep for words….
Day 12 – FirstSurrendering to Obedience
Day 13 – ReachJust for one.
Day 14 – VoiceFinding my voice.
Day 15 – OpenForced to be open….
Day 16 – AvoidAvoiding words.
Day 17 – ConsistentConsistent for me
Day 18 – ActiveBe Active in my life, Lord!
Day 19 – StrongStrong
Day 20 – TellSecrets revealed
Day 21 – PersonPerson
Day 22 – SenseNo Sense
Day 23 – NeedNeed
Day 24 – DifferentBe Different
Day 25 – WaitWait
Day 26 – AcceptAccept
Day 27 – Better Better
Day 28 – Test-This is just a test
Day 29 – PracticePractice, practice, practice.
Day 30 – MemoryMemory
Day 31 – Enjoy-Enjoy

Check in daily to see where my writing takes me and also check out some of my friends writing too! Click here Five Minute Friday 31 Days of Writing Prompts daily to read more blog posts!

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